Wayne W 1970 Chrysler 300 2dr Convertible

Caught My Eye

I was having lunch with some car friends in the Pub and one mentioned a pickup truck he was looking at near my place on the weekend. Well, when I left, I took a different way home, that happened to be close to the truck! Never did find the truck, but I did see the 1970 Chrysler 300 with top down on the front grass of a house. I had to stop and have a look. The next day the car was mine.

I have been to a lot of car shows with the car. I have driven it over 4000 miles to a show! I have four grand children, all under 8, and they have gone to a number of the shows with me,

Once, while I was driving to Hot August Nights in the 300 with the top down and cars were passing me, I decided getting to Reno was not as important, as the trip itself! You just can not beat the feel of driving the 300 at 60 plus down a straight road, music on and the sun shining. That was the moment I knew what it was all about. The car is just so much fun to drive!

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