Dan S 1967 Mercury Cougar 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Cat lover

When the Mercury Cougar was introduced in 1967, I became instantly fascinated with the sequential turn signals. So much so that I would pester my dad (almost daily) that we HAD to get one of them as our next car. He would quickly point out that we couldn't fit the entire family in the car (I'm one of six kids). For the next several years my heart would race every time I saw a Cougar as the family travelled cross state/country in our '66 Chevy Caprice station wagon (complete with the faux wood exterior panels). Years later, my dad would buy a '72 Chevelle coupe (after two brothers had gone off to college)!

During my high school years I watched as several friends bought (and destroyed) Mustangs and Cougars. Somehow the desire to own a car diminished (lived within walking distance of everything in my small town), and before long the flame was barely burning. College days were more of the same, with my focus on just about everything EXCEPT cars. Fast forward to 2003...

On my routine drive through a local town, there it sat. My dream car. I drove past, thinking that the seller was "probably asking too much" for the car. Drove by a second day with the same thought in mind. Day three found me stopping to take a look, seeing no harm in it. The car was rust-free. The oxidized white paint had no shine left (could've passed off as white primer or whitewash). The asking price was reasonable, so I called the number listed.

The test drive revealed a few things that needed attention (especially the brakes). I was so excited to finally drive a Cougar! After the test drive I didn't even haggle over the price. The seller needed the money and the space. He went on to say he appreciated finally getting the asking price instead of a lower amount and a horse trailer or guns in trade. His wife was the actual title holder of the car, and she was in tears as she signed it over. Apparently her father had given this car to her for her high school graduation. I stated she didn't have to sell it, but ultimately the deal was done and I became the fifth owner of the car.

First things I did to the car was a re-paint (in it's original Polar White, of course), and a set of Cragar SS rims and new rubber. The car has since provided ten years of solid reliability and hours upon miles of pure fun. You can't drive a car like this without a smile on your face! This past fall the car was taken off the road due to failure of the main pump seal on the transmission. I anxiously anticipate the spring to arrive so I can get down to the task of repair and replace.

So this summer if you see a big smile behind the wheel of a white '67 Mercury Cougar, you'll know who it is!

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    Dale Olson Eastern South Dakota March 12, 2014 at 16:43
    TO: Cat Lover. I appreciate your Joy in your 67 Cougar. I was lucky enough to have purchased the first one on the street in Lincoln, NE in February of 1967. My first NEW car. Red in color, Black vinyl top, a 289 Cu In engine, 4 speed manual tranny. I won my wife's heart the next February, and with 23,000 miles, traded it for a 68 XR7 with nearly every option available in 68. The 67 was by far the better of the two. The 302 couldn't get out of it's own way with all the newly instated emissions. The 67 was a factory hot rod with the 289 2 barrel, 4 speed. I know your joy. And, my friend, enjoy it to the FULL!

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