Jason L 1962 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Coupe

Car for mom

Well let me start by saying I have always loved classic cars. It was a hobby of my parents and we went to car cruises. While I was growing up we always owned a classic car. It was our everyday transportation. I can remember 58, 63, 66, & 69 (suicide door) T-birds, 69 Chevelle, 68 GTO, 64 olds convertible, and there is more I can't remember. My mother had a favorite car and that was her beautiful silver blue metallic 63 bullet bird. Coincidentally it was my favorite as well, so when she was sick I told her I would buy her one. She insisted that I did not buy her a car, so I told her I would not. Then in Dec of 2012 I found a beautiful car in a classic car trader. I bought it for her sight unseen and had it delivered. I realize this is a bad idea but I was not burned, it is a beautiful looking and great running car. When it arrived I washed and waxed the car and took it to her residence to show her. By this time she was very weak and I was not sure she would even go outside to see the car. I told her I had really cleaned her car inside and out and she should go outside and check it out, also a cool car a 2000 monte carlo ss pace car. So once I talked her into going out in the cold (which bothered her because of chemo and she was very weak) and she turned the corner of her apartment building she began to cry when she saw the 62 T-Bird sitting in the parking lot. She knew it belonged to no one else but her! I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride and of course she was very excited and said yes. She really enjoyed the ride and kept saying how beautiful the car was and how excited she was yet mad at me for buying one. To make a long and painful story short she died 3 and a half short months later and never got to drive the car. I was hoping she would get better and take the car to shows and cruises. Now my daughter (next generation classic car lover) and I take the car to shows and enjoy the car as much as we can together.

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