Tim G

Can't Stop Collecting Firebirds

My Dad was a small town Pontiac dealer from 1955-1966 when he suddenly passed away and so in our family Pontiac's were all we ever discussed or owned. I remember when the Firebird first came out in '67, I knew that was the car I wanted to have someday. My first car was a '69 Firebird that I owned through high school, college, marriage, but children came along and priorities changed. I sold that car with 135,000+ miles and still running. Children are on their own now and so I went back after the dream except that I couldn't stop with just one, I had to have one from each of the four generations of Firebird/Trans Am and the whole family is involved. At the drag strip this past summer I raced against my daughter with me in my '69 versus her in the '02...she blew my doors off! It was so much fun watching her excitement at beating Dad at his own game! Life is short and you can't beat memories like that, so we drive them as often as we can.

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