Del B 1970 Webbers Cove 36' downeast boat

Boat Pleasures

Although the attribute of “beauty” has an immense range of interpretations, there seems to be little disagreement in which specific design or style is worthy of the designation of “classic.” Individuals who easily recognize and appreciate beauty in any form are drawn to those design nuances of the past that timelessly invoke appreciation and longing. Those special blends of form and function that have been preserved through the steadfast efforts of relatively few ardent restorers become the jewels to be admired by nearly every observer.

My father’s restoration of a1936 Chris Craft 20’ mahogany boat back in the 50’s was special to me and my three brothers. Like a beautiful automobile, beauty found in a boat is all about appreciation for the craftsmanship of turning raw material into shapes of pleasing design that also provide practical and efficient function.

In these retirement years, I find immense pleasure in bringing a 1970 36’ downeast Webbers Cove back to its functional best. Although the downeast boat design was created to work the Northeast fisheries of the Atlantic coast (and beyond), they have a pleasing character cherished by many and admired by most. While not a true restoration, my efforts with Old Glory are aimed at upgrading to current safety and navigational standards while preserving most of its original design integrity, thereby permitting me and my family to cruise any or all of the Great Lakes waters with confidence, comfort, and pride. The journey and the process, I might add, are nearly equal to those pleasures.

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    Carla Michigan February 17, 2014 at 09:34
    Del, Beautiful tribute to the Chris Craft you and your family restored back in the 50s! It has now come full circle as you are resurrecting the beauty of your Webbers Cove. It's all about the journey! Thank you for sharing.

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