Daniel K 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Be careful what you ask for....................

My stepfather was NOT a Mustang fan, and wouldn't let me buy a Wimbledon White 1965 Notchback my senior year in high school in 1987. On to college, graduated, life happened and reconnected with a old friend I hadn't seen in years in 2010. He had recently inherited his late fathers one owner 1965 notchback in Skylight Blue and we went for a ride. I was re-hooked on needing to get one of my own. Searched for quite a while before I decided one night to put it out on Facebook if anyone knew of one for sale. Next morning, I had a message from a friend I hadn't seen in a really long time telling me that his daughter had one she inherited in storage. AND it was in storage where I live. (They had moved, but still owned property here). Just so happened this was near the holidays and they would be coming out within a few weeks. I asked all sorts of questions, but my friend said "All I can tell you about it is it has a 289 V-8/4bbl." Fast forward a few weeks, we met at the storage shed and unlocked the door. There inside the musty unit was an Ivy Green 1966 Mustang convertible with a parchment top. I was screaming "You didn't tell me it was a convertible!" He thought I was upset and started apologizing for forgetting about that detail. In fact, the opposite was true! It had been parked for about 10 years, and while not in perfect condition, it didn't take much to get her to start. We rolled her out in the daylight and I was sold. We inked the deal and I drove her home. I wrestle with "restoring" (or on my budget "facelifting") because I have learned to appreciate the little quirks that come with a vintage car. Wouldn't give her up for nothing!

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