Dennis L 1980 Chevrolet El Camino 2dr Pickup

Always wanted one for my own

As young man I had a great affections for older cars, I especially liked the Ford rancheros and the Chevy el caminos. I thought they were the coolest cars ever, half truck and half car, I knew that I probably would never be able to buy one but I kept dreaming anyway. Then cam marriage and then the kids so II knew my dream was gone. In 1980 a friend of mine bought a brand new El Camino for his wife I was so jealous and envied him, he let me drive the car a few times and I felt like a kid again, the looks , the stares I was king of the moutain in in that car. I lost track of him until 1993 when his wife passed away. We rekindled our friendship ,but I never thought of the Elky , I just figured it was long gone, then one day in 2012 he asked if I could help him move some stuff from his moms house, she had passed away and he was cleaning out the house. When we got there he said I didn't tell you the whole truth , I have to move something but I want you to have it. He opened the garage door and there sat the 80 El Camino, it had been in the garage since 1993 he had put it away and had never driven it since, he said he knew how much I loved that car and signed the title over. It only had 36000 miles on it after putting a fresh battery an oil change and some gas it fired right up. I use the car as a weekend driver and still feel like the king.. I don't think anyone could ever give me a better gift.ever give me a better gift don't think anyone could

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