Marilyn K 1974 Ford Maverick 2dr Sedan

Almost Went to the Boneyard

My husband and I owned several Mavericks during our married life. In 1993 we had a 1977 2 dr Maverick that we had started restoring. We wound up trading it in for a brand new car under a program that Wisconsin had to help people with credit issues get a car. Between the years of 1993 and 2005 that is all my husband talked about was the 1977 Maverick that we "got rid of." Well, in 2005, I found a 1974 Maverick for sale on the street.

I took my husband over to see it, telling him that we couldn't buy it. It was in pretty good shape appearance wise, and he took the phone # down "just to ask how much they were asking." They were asking $1,000, and next thing I know, he's buying the car. Everything was restored on it, it just needed a paint job. My husband had some money he inherited from his mother's death, and spent it on a paint job. We started taking it to car shows in 2006, and my husband won a few awards.

The car has no power steering, and my husband would not let me drive it. I really wanted to drive it. My husband passed away suddenly in April 2008, and a month after he passed, a car show was coming up at a local Ford dealership that he had signed up for. A few weeks before the show, I decided to "practice driving" the car around the block a few times. Only problem was, because the car hadn't been started in awhile because of it being winter and my husband's passing, I had trouble starting the car.

I almost gave up trying to start it, but I tried one more thing. I yelled up at the ceiling in the garage, telling my husband that he was no longer here, and that I needed to drive the car. I then yelled up to him that if he didn't help me start the car so that I could take it to the show for him, I was taking the car to the boneyard. The car started 2 min later, and has been running ever since.

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    Bill G Houston, TX February 14, 2014 at 17:35
    I fully realize that Mavericks don't get a lot of respect, but I also still remember when they came out -- I was in college and spotted one in the showroom window as I passed by in my old '62 Sprite. Did a U-turn and whipped in for a look. No, I didn't buy one then, or ever. But I've been tempted many times, and loved reading your story. Here's hoping your hubby's old "pride ride" gives you years of enjoyment.

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