Jim D 1973 Cadillac Eldorado 2dr Convertible

A classic that changed my life

This story is about my classic car. A God moment?

There comes a time in a man’s life, when he turns to his wife to say, “Honey, will I ever be able to buy a classic car”? Well, it happened to me. She said just stop talking about it and go buy one. So I looked and I looked. I looked at all kinds of classics, Ford’s, Chevy’s, even looked at mid-sixties Cadillac’s. Nothing seemed to catch my fancy. Price to high, piece of junk, rust bucket, whatever. This went on for about six months. Then one day I received a phone call from my good friends Tony &Deb, wanting to come by and visit. They stayed for dinner and all had a good time. When it was time to go, they left some items behind, one of which was Tony’s cell phone which we discovered when his phone rang. I contacted Tony and we agreed to meet the next day for lunch and return the items that he left behind. We met at one of our favorite restaurants next to Memory Lane Motors, a classic car dealership. I arrived first and found a booth, but it wasn’t ready to use so I moved to another booth across the room.

As I was waiting for my friend to show, I noticed this blue car sitting out there next to the building by the service shop, with its top down. It was big and beautiful and blue and huge. I thought nothing more about it, but as the lunch progressed, I kept glancing over to see the car. When we finished, our next move was typically to wander over next door to see what new classics had arrived. But this time was different. I was drawn to this blue car. It was not really the year or the model or the make I had been looking for, but I became curious and asked the dealership’s mechanic whose car that was. He stated that they just took it in the day before and it was up next for prep work to ready for resale. I was offered to take it for a drive so Tony & I climbed in and took off. I have to tell you, I was not expecting my reaction to the car. It road as smooth as a cloud and it was an amazing feeling to sit behind the wheel of that monster with the top down and enjoy the wind in our hair (well, my hair anyway).

When we returned, I went next door to talk to the owner of Memory Lane Motors and asked the price of the car. The price was acceptable and he said if I wanted the car, and if he didn’t have to do anything to prep it, he would take off another $1,500 from the price. Thinking about it, I thanked him and walked back over to take another look at the car. This time I found two more couples looking at it and when I walked up they asked me if I was buying the car. I told them I had just driven it and was in the process of deciding. They said they were very interested and if I wasn’t going to purchase the vehicle that they were going to make an offer. That’s when my friend Tony said if you procrastinate on this any more than an hour, the car would be gone. That’s when I said, “I better move on this” so I went next door, found the dealer, shook his hand and said we have a deal and was now the proud owner of a two & a half ton, 7 miles to the gallon, 22 foot long piece of Detroit iron called a Cadillac Eldorado convertible. The rest is history and I’m having a ball with MY classic Cadillac. Funny, this car was not a car that was even on my radar but now that I own it, it just feels right. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that after all the classic cars I looked at over the past year, and all the road blocks that were thrown up in front of me, and all the hesitation on deciding which ones to buy, this was the exception. This whole process took less than an hour from start to finish and went smooth as glass so I guess it was meant to be. A God moment? Oh yah. And I’ll tell you why.

I drove the car back to my shop to work out a plan to make small repairs on it. It was about two weeks later; I was cleaning out the trunk and found the spare tire was flat. I had it out of the car, filled it with air and lifted it back into the trunk. Now this is a Cadillac, so everything on it is big and heavy so as I was lifting the tire into the trunk opening, I heard and felt a painful snap in my back rib cage. Well, I was very sore for weeks after that, so I finally had to go to the doctor. After some discussion, I was scheduled for an x-ray. A few days later after the x-ray I received a phone call from the doctor telling me there was a fuzzy spot on the film and would I come in again to redo the process. He thought it was nothing but just wanted to make sure. So in I went again. And again, I received another phone call saying it was still there and could I come in for a CT scan. Will I did, and the news was not good. Doctor said they found a cancer growing in my lung and had also found an aortic aneurysm near my heart. Wow, looks like I was just having a bad day. So, by this time you’re probably wondering about the God moment I spoke of earlier. The doctor told me we might have caught this thing early enough to do something about it, and that’s a good thing. So if it hadn’t been for my friend leaving his cell phone at my house, then meeting him for lunch to return it and seeing and buying that car that injured my back, that led to the x-rays, which led to the CT Scan which found the cancer in its early stages, I might have never known that I had it until it was too late. Thank you Lord. Now let’s see where the next stage will take me.

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    dave mi February 14, 2014 at 14:25
    great story. wow, someones looking out for you. note to self, if someone leaves a cell phone at my house, I'm going straight to the docs.
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    Honored Atlanta October 2, 2014 at 13:57
    What this gentleman is saying is "praise God in all things"!

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