Henry S 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 2dr Convertible

A Triumph Spitfire got us back together

My wife has this British Red 1976 Triumph Spitfire that we both love. Dee claims that the "Spit" makes her feel like she is 21 again whenever she drives it and I enjoy maintaining the car. Back in 2001 when we were engaged, my dad passed away and we broke up so I could help my mom. We did not get back together until the spring of 2003, when Dee called me and said "she was near a service station near Wheaton and her 'Spit' would not start. She tried to get the service station cashier to help her but he would not answer her knocks on the door. Would I please help?" I wrote down her directions, threw my toolbox in the trunk and drove over. When I arrived, I saw my future wife sitting in her disabled little red Triumph with the hood up.

Dee told me the engine would not start (I figured that out) so I focused on the gas line where I found gas leaking out a crack in the rubber fuel line. My wife asked me if she should try cranking the engine but I quickly responded "NO!".

I took off the old rubber gas line and we both got in my car where we talked about the time that passed as I drove over to a auto parts store. When we returned back, I put the new gas hose in her car and she was able to start the engine. Dee's smile was all I needed. After a couple dates, we got re-engaged and planned on getting married on November 24, 2004 in Kauai. Unfortunately, her Dad passed away the week before our trip and we ended up going to the wake on Thursday, funeral on Friday and took a flight out of O'Hare airport for Kauai, Hawaii on Saturday. We will be married 10 years on November 24, 2014. To this day I wonder what would have happened if I did not show up to fix her car. As to the "Spit", it still runs even though we have a knocking noise from the differential when we drive it. Some of our friends think we are spending too much money on the car, but for us, our precious "Spit" has just too many good memories.

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