Deborah N

A Sweet Blind Date with Candy

I always wanted a red Mustang convertible since I was a little girl. By the time I was 38, I set out to find one for my 40th birthday. An advance planner, I figured I'd get a head start. In just a few weeks, while poking around in the classic car community, a stranger told me about some doctor in Holland, Michigan, who wanted to sell off his toys including a Candy Apple Red '65 Mustang convertible. Within an hour, I went online to see if Illinois plates were available with CANDY. Yes, so I ordered them, with high hopes. Within 24 hours I took the money I saved out of the bank, sent my friend with a Suburban to rent a trailer, and off we went, not even with a picture of her. Well, she was a knockout and I handed over the cash and we flat-bedded her home. She checked-out great, just she had the same tank of gas in her for the ten years she had been resting in the doctor's pole barn.

Oh, and turns out she's not Candy Apple Red as I was told. She was done up for a Coca-Cola promotion so she's Coke red with white top and interior. Her name is still Candy and she dons those plates because she's such a sweet ride -- Chicago weather permitting, a daily driver that I still take to shows, and though she's only been a winner once, the wear shows just how loved she is.

I'm a single mom with two kids including a son with special needs so hopping in Candy is a special treat no matter where we go. She is forever a journey. Sharing the passion with a new generation is important to me. I hope the spirit of our classic car and the wind in our hair never fades.

This summer I checked off a bucket list item and celebrated my 45th birthday by driving Candy four times around the winding track at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI, at sunset on a gorgeous summer evening. It was a huge thrill and major milestone, with my best friend in the passenger seat and my kids strapped in the back seat with the old Ford seat belts we added. It made me feel like a little girl again -- this time with my dream car!

Thanks, Candy, you're true love.


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