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A Serial Relationship

I’ve lost tract of the number of MG’s I’ve owned over the past forty years. I know that there was one 1957 MGA Factory coupe. That was the first and I never got it on the road. Over time, I’ve had many sports cars- Datsun Z’s, Karmen Ghias, Sunbeams, TR-3’s and some other oddball items that intrigued me for short periods.

But, the MGB was the car that held my interest; the one I kept coming back to. There are few stand alone stories that are worth relating. Instead, there is more of a running theme to my relationship with the MGB.

I bought the first B early. That car barely ran and I hadn’t yet developed the skills to keep it going. It was a short but intense affair. I was hooked. The next car I found was a ’72 Citron Yellow convertible that belonged to a woman I knew. She got it for her sweet sixteen birthday. When I knew her, a few years later, she was the mother of two and hadn’t driven it in awhile. That was a car I drove everywhere. I loved it. It was likely the nicest car of the bunch. After many years and miles, I sold that car because my skills had not yet caught up to what I now know to be the skills required for true MGB ownership.

There was a nice ’77 that had a beautiful body but a poor heart. I found another untitled car in Woodstock, New York. That was an orphan, damaged and not road worthy, but, with a great drivetrain, top, interior, etc. I learned a lot making one car out of the two. I kept that car until I thought I was over it… and sold it.

I did that a lot. I would buy a car, bring it back to life and pass it on. I came to like fixing MGB’s as much as driving them. There is a total experience for me when I am totally involved.

Two years ago, I moved to Missouri. My son is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. I came to help him with childcare and be near family. I’m retired and have entirely too much time on my hands. My son got tired of my grousing about not having anything to do and suggested I get another MG. I put an ad on a local website, looking for a “MGB or other sports car.” I was contacted by a man who had a car that had been garaged for 25 years. It was a running car, needing a lot loving care. I use it as a daily driver and work on it all the time.

The one piece of advice my son gave me was, “Don’t sell this one, Dad.”

It is more than just another MGB. It is the most recent love interest in this serial relationship I’ve had with my favorite car.

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    Mike Ryan Felton, Pa February 15, 2014 at 03:04
    I'm on my 3rd. MGB in ovr 50 years of driving and always had a love of LBCs from the beginning. Even though the list of 34 cars I've (actually WE because I have to include my wife's) has it's share of "grocery getter" and "geezer mobiles," there's still some MGBs, Sprites and a Jag in there too. The most fun we've had has been in the LBCs. The best memories too. My latest is a 76 MGB roadster that came after selling the 1929 Model A truck I built from oak was sold due to joint and neck problems. My wife suggested I needed a new project as I was going thru boredom with only family vehicles to "play" with. After 2 years work it's not concours quality but looks great and a blast to drive. Just as I remember.

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