david k

A Gorgeous Blonde + E-Type = Love at First Sight

The year is 1967 and here I am minding my own business when this spectacular Primrose Yellow Jag E-Type rolls past. The driver, a beautiful blonde pays me no attention, as they rumble past. Being a single guy what more beautiful sight could there be. To this day I cannot tell you which stopped me more the car or that beautiful blonde driving it! I sigh and get in my 67 Austin Healey MKIII and head on home. What should I find in the parking lot of the next local SCCA meeting but a Primrose Yellow Jag! Turns out the blonde loves cars as much as I do and a romance soon follows. So here it is some forty-five years later, the kids are grown and gone, and we are still celebrating Valentine Day together. Oh, by the way, there is a Jag E-Type in the garage waiting for that first nice warm day when we can hit the open road. Old Loves and First Loves are the Best!

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