James C 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Fiesta 4dr Station Wagon

2nd time around..... always better than the first!

More Pics and the Whole Story at: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2134094/1958-oldsmobile-88/

This was my first car... and now it will be my last. It was found after being sold... on May 17, 2012. After searching for about 10 years, one random night everything came together.

Back when I was in college, I still owned this car. It was my first car, and my father and I put a lot of work into it. When I was away at school, it was only sitting, because it wasnt exactly a good car to take away to school. I wanted a Corvette, and my father told me the only way I could buy a Vette was if I sold the wagon. So, sure enough I did. I had the Corvette for about a month, and the head gasket blew. I instantly realized that I had made a mistake, and with my father being in the car business, knew the guy we sold the wagon to, and begged my father to ask if he still had the wagon, and about a week previous, it had sold, to a guy who apparently "drove" the car to Louisiana somewhere. I thought it was "game over" for me. This is what prompted me to set up the page you see below. 10 years, numerous car shows, finding some old insurance and registration cards... stuff like that, motivated me to try to find it, never with any luck. Back in January of 2012 a lucky search at a motor vehicle did not turn up anything on the car, other than it did leave NJ back in 2001. On May 17, 2012, I received a text message at about 11:30pm, fron a random phone number asking, "R u the guy looking for a red 58 oldsmobile". I said "Yes I am" in total disbelief, and half asleep, not really knowing what was about to happen. The next four words changed my life. "I have your car" made my heart jump out of my chest. In all honesty, I didnt believe it. "is this for real" and "how did you get my number" were reasonable questions. "Brian" ended up calling shortly thereafter, and Shreveport LA popped up on the phone. Was this for real?? Brian said sure enough that he had my car, that it had the red bumpers, and the cragars, and the 350 tune port, and he was sure that it was my car.

The page that I posted on Car Domain, previously added 10 years ago, read: .... "Has anyone seen this car? This was my first car. When I was 15, we bought it and started doing some work to it, including an engine and transmission swap. We put a 350 tune port motor and a 700r4 in, with straight pipes and flowmaster exhaust. I got rid of the car when I was 19, because I wanted a Corvette. It was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made, and I've been looking for the car ever since. If anyone knows where this car is, please email me. Thanks."

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