Ron B Woody

1972 Volkswagon (1929 Ford Woody Wagon "WANNA BE" )

Here's the Story BEHIND this Hand-Made One of a kind woody wagon that we LOVE so much!

We've driven it 16K in the 20 years we've owned it too!

Ron from Cape Coral, Fl.'s the story~~~~

Charles R. Wolfe, of Willowick, Oh., had a Dream when he retired to Port Charlotte. Fl. in 1987.

HE wanted to build a car....not any car, but a "COPY" of a 1916 C-Cab Depot Hack. A Depot Hack is/was a vehicle that would pick up passengers from a train station. The luggage was put on top of the Woody Wagon, tied down on the metal frame and the passengers would get in and be taken to the Hotel.

He started to build this C-Cab Depot Hack, in the Fall of 1987 in his Port Charlotte garage, by acquiring a 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle and taking everything off the "pan" and then letting his building talents run wild!!

The Front Fenders were made by cutting the Hood of the Volkswagen in 2 pieces. The Front Nose Grill was hand formed from heavy duty metal mesh and fit into the handmade frame for the grill. The metal sides, of the front nose, were heavy duty shoe shelves from the Shoe Store my wife and I had owned for 41 years in Sandusky, Oh. The entire front nose was also made to tilt Forward exposing the gas tank and fuse block.

The Rear Fenders, from a 1928 Plymouth, were found in a local Florida junkyard and fabricated to fit perfect!

The Front and Rear bumpers were Fabricated from Bed Frame rails to "LOOK" period correct!

The Exterior Body was hand fabricated from Oak Wood and made to look just like a Real production Woody Wagon of that time period. Even the INSIDE CEILING of the Woody has "Tongue-n-Groove" Oak wood.

All the HINGES for the Doors, Rear Engine Compartment, Front Hood and Window Air Deflectors were Hand Fabricated from either Metal or Aluminum.

The Metal Spoke 17" Wheels are from a 1934 Chevrolet and were Drilled to Fit the Volkswagen Wheel Studs.

The front seats are from a boat and the rear seat was hand made to fit perfect and was also HINGED to make access to work on the engine easier. Remember the Engine is in the Rear of a Volkswagen!

Even the Steering Wheel is COVERED in Wood, by this creative man!!

After Finishing his Original 1916 C-Cab Depot Hack Design Charlie decided he wanted "DOORS" on his creation because he didn't like the Wind hitting him in the face. You see this C Cab opening, in the Front, was Shaped like a Backwards C for easy entry in the front seat area. So after a couple of months he decided to fabricate doors, with pull-up windows, to solve this problem.

This 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle, That LOOKS now like a 1929 Ford Woody Wagon, was Built by a man that had a DREAM and he COMPLETED his Dream in 1988, only EIGHT MONTHS after starting.

Unfortunately Charlie only Enjoyed his hand made car till August of 1992 when "other" plans were in the making for him. His "WOODY Creation" sat in the Port Charlotte garage till March of 1994 when it was offered to his daughter, Helen, and I in Huron, Ohio.

Woody made the trip to Ohio inside a moving van and was delivered in July of 1994. In the next, almost 18 years and 15,000 miles, it was LOVED and taken care of and had attended many car shows to "Show" off this hand made Gem by a VERY CREATIVE MAN.

Then in March of 2012, after Helen and I retired from our Specialty Shoe Store in Sandusky Oh., Woody was BROUGHT back "HOME" to Florida, but now in Cape Coral.

To EXPLAIN this, I BELIEVE, Woody Wagon is a DIFFICULT process because this UNIQUE car is just that...UNIQUE!!

There are so many OTHER features of this car that SPACE is not available to comment on EVERYTHING in this Creation.

I'm so PROUD to have this car, but would really LOVE to have his Creator back because Charlie was also my FRIEND for 27 years before his "other" plans were put in place.

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