Brian V 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

1966 Mustang GT "Golden Colt"

Dear dad bought this car for mom new off dealer lot in spring 1966, Bill Pierre Ford in Seattle Washington. Mom wanted a mustang club car to auto cross and rally with the local club Southgate Mustang Club. The car was transformed into a Shelby show/race car, exotic candy apple gold paint, roll bar, tons of chrome, black stripes, fat tires, Cragar five spokes, hood scoop, cobra badges the works. My sister and I were only six and five when we learned to hang on while mom was burning rubber and dodging cones with her .030 overbore B&B 289 3 speed manual. this pony took on boss 302's and beat them. Colt logged equal time in Ford showrooms as it did driving.

Mom liked taking the colt to the store, groceries, etc. Over the years kids grew up, mustang club went by the wayside car began to look odd, some sort of 60's throwback, Dad bought a Shelby GT 350 and toyed with that. By the 1990's dad retired from aerospace engineering, mom decided she wanted her car restored back to factory stock the way it was when they took delivery. The car sat for a few years in a garage, a project that really never got started. by 2005 Dad said i'm going to do it and get it started. Unfortunately, mom passed away suddenly before she got to see the transformation. Dad lost interest and wanted to get rid of the car. Life without mom was not something he could bare after thirty seven years of marriage. With help I convinced him to go forward, for her, a frame off restoration. Three years later we got it done. Original factory color matched, wheels, red stripe tires, all of it. Dad's health began to fail from a stroke before mom passed and he couldn't get in and out of the colt anymore. We got the car show ready, original interior remains, factory 8-track stereo still sounds great. Factory dealer stickers, original paper form dealer all of it are shown with the car. Dad and I snagged a few trophies with the colt, I also had some tee shirts made up with a cartoon of the "golden colt" and a fancy car show sign. He loved it, it was the 60's all over again for him, original owner car since 1966. Dad passed away Valentines day 2013 but not before he got out of the wheelchair and back into the Golden colt to drive it one more time in a mustang parade with the Boss 302's, Shelby's and some really nice ponies from an era of my memory hanging on to a roll bar with only a lap belt in the back of the golden colt.

Today the car still resides with Vanderhoff family, My wife and I with our MCA jackets and hats still show the car, My mother and father watching over and riding along.

Brian Vanderhoff

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