1983 Honda CB1100F Super Sport


4-cyl. 1067cc/110hp

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The Honda CB750F and CB900F had raised Honda’s game in 1979, offering DOHC engines for a more competitive street bike lineup. Bigger is better, though, and the zesty 1983 Honda CB1100F entered the fray against similar bikes from Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. The CB1100F had an air-cooled DOHC 1,062cc four-cylinder that produced 108 hp at 8,500 rpm. Bore and stroke measured 70mm x 69mm, and the compression ratio was 9.7:1. Four 33mm Keihin carburetors supplied the fuel-air mixture with effectiveness that was said to rival later electronically controlled fuel-injection systems.

By now, Honda had shaken off worries about the revenge of NHTSA chief Joan Claybrook, who had visited Japan around the time of the six-cylinder CBX’s launch and threatened motorcycle manufacturers with new regulations. Reverting to its best instincts, the company equipped the CB1100F with a 150-mph speedometer, and the bike could eat up nearly every click. Even though it weighed about 580 pounds wet, it hurtled through the quarter-mile in 11.13 seconds at 120 mph. A five-speed gearbox modulated the power flow. Alloy wheels (18-inch front and 17-inch rear) carried tubeless tires, and there was an air-assisted front fork with adjustable damping and anti-dive control. The box-section rear swingarm resembled the CBX’s.

Another area where the 1983 Honda CB1100F made progress was in styling. The tank tapered to meet side covers, which reached out to the tail section, and a beautifully conceived color scheme drew it all together. The available quarter fairing also added a nice complement. Even today, the look remains fresh. A one-year-only wonder, the CB1100F was priced at $3,698.

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