1973 Dodge Challenger

2dr Hardtop Coupe

8-cyl. 318cid/150hp 2bbl

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Model overview

Model description

Despite the fact that there was only one 1973 Dodge Challenger model (the Rallye was a $182 option package), sales actually rose from 26,648 to 32,596. It seems likely that buyers were anticipating the end of the model, as Mercury Cougar sales rose a whopping 60 percent with news that the Mustang/Cougar platform would undergo significant changes the following year.

The Challenger actually looked very much like the previous year’s model, though the bumpers were beefed up. The front bumper was pushed out with a beam behind it and big rubber blocks, fitted to meet the 5 mph requirement. With a unibody design, Dodge couldn’t install shock-absorbing pistons, such as were fitted to separate chassis models.

The downward slide continued under the hood, though the slant six engine was gone. Base engine was now a 150 bhp two-barrel 318 cid V-8. For an extra $181 buyers could get the 240 bhp 340 cid V-8. Electronic ignition was standard across the range now with electric chokes. The base gearbox was a 3-speed manual, but $81 bought a 3-speed automatic transmission and $203 a pistol-grip four-speed.

Dodge was also now promising “Extra Care in Engineering” and a “Torsion Quiet Ride” which meant fitting rubber blocks to insulate road noise, as had been installed to the big cars since 1970. Perhaps as an adjunct to this, the bucket seats were now formed of one-piece foam.

Packages were now the buzzword and the Rallye Package A57 was basically a dress-up. It consisted of the twin-scoop hood from the old R/T, black painted grille, faux front fender scoops and a side stripe.

The Challenger was offered in 15 colors with codes, including Light Blue (B1), Super Blue (B3), Bright Blue Metallic (B5), Bright Red (E5), Pale Green (F1), Light Green Metallic (F3), Dark Green Metallic (F8), Bronze Metallic (K6), Parchment (L4), Eggshell White (W1), Top Banana (Y1), Light Gold (Y3), Gold Metallic (Y6), and Dark Gold Metallic (Y9). Top Banana was the sole remaining high impact color. Interior colors were Blue, Green, Gold, White, and Black. A vinyl roof cost $81 and colors included Black, White, Dark, Green or Gold and side stripes were Black.


Additional Info
Shipping Weight: 3155 lbs
Vehicle Length: 198.2 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 110 in

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