1980 Honda CBX Super Sport


6-cyl. 1047cc/100hp

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Describing the Honda CBX, author Aaron Frank notes that “to this day it remains one of the most breathtaking bikes ever sold to the general public.” Breathing actually was an issue in 1980, when the engine was slightly detuned via carburetor rejetting and camshaft modifications to meet new government regulations. The mighty air-cooled DOHC 1,047cc inline six-cylinder, which tilted forward by 33 degrees, kept the bore and stroke at 64.5mm x 53.4mm and continued to operate with a 9.3:1 compression ratio, but output dropped from 103 hp to 98 hp at 9,000 rpm. More bad news was that the speedometer’s maximums showed 85 mph (instead of 150 mph) and 10,000 rpm.

By some accounts, though, power delivery actually improved, as the midrange was now beefier. The oil cooler grew 20 percent larger, in part as a measure to address overheating in the middle cylinders. And better news concerned the improved handling, thanks to an air-assist fork and other front-suspension refinements, a larger-profile rear swingarm with stouter bushings, and newly adjustable rear shocks. A convenience feature was found at the ducktail rear section, which was outfitted with a storage compartment. The buyer could also opt for a European-style sport kit that fitted a low-rise alloy handlebar and rear-set pegs.

For all its sporting intent, the 1980 Honda CBX remained a 600-pound bruiser that liked to head in a straight line. More than anything, it proclaimed Honda’s technical superiority and stifled bragging about the Kawasaki Z1. Black along with Candy Glory Red were the color choices, and the Comstar wheels changed from silver to black. The price rose to $4,198.

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