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Hagerty offers you a fast, easy way to get a customized classic car insurance quote online.

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Limited use, newer vehicles that are collectible in nature and have low production numbers may be considered for our program. Examples are sports cars and special edition models.
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Hagerty provides coverage for collector vehicles used on a limited basis. This may be reviewed by Underwriting.
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While we are dedicated to providing coverage for the broadest range of collectors possible, youthful owners may not qualify for coverage.
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Help us customize your quoteHagerty offers additional coverage that is uniquely suited for car enthusiasts and hobbyist.
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Why Hagerty

Hagerty is the world’s leading provider of collector car insurance. And we do more:

  • Specialized products & services for the collector market
  • Customizable coverage to meet individual collector needs
  • Resources, sponsorships and events to support the collector lifestyle
  • Entertaining & informative publications like Hagerty Classic Cars magazine

We live and breathe this stuff.

Meet Davin - Hagerty's Parts Specialist