When Davin’s manager told him he had to transition to working from home, he didn’t put up too much resistance; that meant Davin would have a second set of hands to help with projects around his home race shop. His 9-year-old son, Anders, becomes Davin’s co-star in our latest video.

There aren’t Buick straight-eight or Chevrolet 3600 truck parts on the workbench as the pair gets to work, though. While Redline Updates are delayed, Davin’s chronicling a few personal automotive projects. Before he and Anders start working on an engine, however, there’s some clean up to do. Davin knows that a well-organized shop is an efficient and productive shop, so Anders takes the job of sweeping the floor while Davin prepares the small table to organize the rivnuts rolling around his toolbox.

“I like using these rivnuts to make items easier to service. For body panels or heat shields on race cars, they are hard to beat,” Davin says regarding the handy expanding threaded fasteners. “The only pain is they roll away and become a jumbled mess real quick.”

Which is why he lays them out in a divided plastic organizer. The special tools for setting the fasteners, plus all the rivnut sizes Davin will need for future projects, fit into the handy case that he tucks away on a shelf. Then, the boys get down to the business of making progress on a more powerful project.

There are multiple engines hanging around Davin’s home garage, but only one is destined to be bolted into the nostalgic, front-engine dragster he races. That 350 block is in the early stages of assembly, so Davin and Anders tackle installing the various threaded plugs in the block before calling it a day.

Davin kept his hands pretty clean, compared to a normal day, but we would venture to guess he has other projects waiting just off camera that will be more involved. To see what those projects are, be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to receive notifications with each new videos that goes live.

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