The C8 Corvette is the realization of decades of mid-engine Corvette concept “teasers” promising to take America’s Sports Car to the next level of performance and style. While Chip Foose has mixed feelings on the new body style, he appreciates the giant leap forward this generation provides. But can he redesign a C8 to have a stronger connection to Corvettes of the past?

Chip starts his new design with a side profile tracing of the current C8, to ensure it fits on the chassis’ hard points underneath. He also was looking at Corvettes of the past for inspiration. Chip starts by integrating the engine intake scoop, yet there isn’t a panel that he didn’t tweak just to make a more integrated package. The completed line drawing looks undeniably like a Corvette, with call outs to everything from the C2 to the C7. Chip finishes the drawing with a rendering in bright red with dark charcoal wheels sporting polished lips. Did Chip do a good job revising the C8, and making it more of a Corvette?

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