Peek behind the curtain with our new Dream Collections video series

Want to visit private car collections that most people never get to see? Us too! So we’ve partnered with Chris Jacobs to give you a peek behind the curtain in a new video series called Dream Collections.

Watch as Chris and his production team visit with private collectors, who give them a tour of their special vehicles and amazing garages. Chris even rides along in some of their sweet cars.

“You want cars you’d never thought you’d see? That’s what this show is all about,” Chris asks in the series’ teaser video. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘I wish I was there with ya …’ Well, it’s your lucky day, because you’re coming with me.”

The series of 12 weekly episodes will begin later this month. We’ll let you know when the first episode goes live. While you’re waiting, check out some amazing garages at Hagerty My Garage.

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