Zenvo’s latest TSR-S is a 1177-horsepower twin-supercharged V-8 punch in the face

Zenvo tsr-s supercar rear three-quarter Zenvo

Danish company Zenvo jumped into the supercar business in 2008, when the first ST1 prototype revved up its twin-charged LS7, making quite a noise. Since then, Zenvo’s carbon-intensive mid-engine platform received a number of upgrades, with the current lineup including the more comfort oriented TS1 GT, the track-only TSR, and the barely road-legal TSR-S. Unlike the ST1s, these newer models are all powered by a twin-supercharged 5.8-liter V-8, tuned to produce well over 1100 horsepower.

And to show off what it can do in 2020, Zenvo’s latest commission, a white and blue TSR-S comes with two new innovations, along with the active tilting rear wing that aero experts dismiss as a bad idea.

Zenvo tsr-s supercar engine
Zenvo tsr-s supercar wheel graphics closeup

Pumping out 1177-horsepower, this TSR-S is the first Zenvo to feature their in-house designed and made fragmented carbon-fiber wheels, as well as individual weave designs within the body’s exposed carbon sections, and a seven-speed sequential gearbox that Zenvo calls a hybrid.

Zenvo says its new wheels save 33 pounds over an aluminum set, with each fragment hand-cut and layered, taking two technicians roughly a week to create. These carbon-fiber wheels can also be tinted, just like the rest of the visible composites.

As for the gearbox, Zenvo is still using helical-cut gears in its seven-speed sequential, but now, there’s also an aluminium switch on the steering wheel to flick the “dog-box” from Race to Road. While In Race, the unit is as harsh and quick as a race box should be, in Road, the integrated electric motor provides assistance for smoother changes, as well as an eighth forward gear, since the electric motor takes over the duty of reverse drive.

Limited to five units per year and priced at $1.6 million, the TSR-S is claimed to reach 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, clocking 124 mph after just 6.8 seconds. And when getting to a corner, just make sure to keep in mind what racing engineers say about its “patented Centripetal rear wing.”

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