You can get a big oil livery for your electric Porsche resto-mod


There’s no doubt that the orange and blue of Gulf Oil add a Steve McQueen coolness to any car, especially a Porsche. What happens when that car no longer requires the use of oil, though? Is an electric car with Gulf colors credible?

Everatti, a specialist in converting classics to EV power, thinks it is and has just inked a deal with Gulf, so customers can commission its 964-era Porsche 911s in the legendary livery.

The Gulf Signature Edition of the Everratti 911 is said to offer a 507-hp power pack which can accelerate the car to 60 mph in less than four seconds, while still offering a useable 150-mile range.

Justin Linny, CEO of Everratti, says that “Everrati is committed to redefining the boundaries of retro electrification and our partnership with Gulf showcases the extensive range of personalisation options we can offer customers.”

Meanwhile Mike Jones, CEO of Gulf Oil International, is fully onboard with the idea, adding, “Gulf’s strong brand heritage and well-loved livery, combined with the world’s most iconic cars in a bespoke EV application makes for a truly unique offering.”

We can’t deny that the car does look good, but without the sound and smell of combustion we do think there’s something amiss. What about you?

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