Yokohama relaunches vintage tread pattern and ratio 14- and 15-inch tires


Vintage cars deserve to run on period-correct tires, and the industry is more and more eager to satisfy this demand. Bridgestone makes fresh tires again not only for the high-end Jaguar XJ220s, but also for first-generation Mazda Miatas. Vredestein entered this game with some extra wide 15-inch rubber for the original Audi Quattro, while Pirelli may just be offering the widest range of classic tires, including cross-ply designs fit for 1950s Ferraris.

Yokohama’s most vintage tire is the G.T Special Y350. Originally launched in 1967 as the first range using radial technology, the new version combines a modern compound and build with its classic pattern. Stocked in 14- and 15-inch sizes for now, Yokohoma recommends these for all historic Japanese and European cars made in the 1960s and ’70s.

Personally, I’m using Yokohama classic 175/50 R13 A539 tires on my 35-years-old Autobianchi A112. This rubber is also available in sizes from 12-15 inches.

Yokohama tires ad
Flickr / hot rod Australia Geoff Nowak

Yokohama also took care of Honda CRX, Toyota Celica Supra, and classic Mazda RX-7 fans by relaunching its modern-compound Advan HF Type D tires. Next to those are its semi-slick A008Ps, available in 10-15 inches for road and track, as well as with an “N0” marking in sizes 245/45ZR16 and 205/55ZR16, all set to make Porsche 930s less intimidating at speed.

Now that the G.T Y350 is coming back, perhaps, a recent $310,000 Datsun 240Z owner might be interested in making the car that much more period-correct.

1971 Datsun 240Z
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