Wienermobile stopped by Wisconsin Police Department

Is the Wienermobile getting pulled over news? Probably not. After all, the giant meat-shaped promotional vehicle covers thousands of miles crisscrossing the country, peddling Oscar Meyer’s meat products. However, when a story about the massive wiener pops up on the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Twitter page, we will relish the opportunity for a few puns.

If you need to ketchup on the backstory, the Wienermobile was stopped and given a verbal warning for violating Wisconsin’s Move Over Law, which is aimed to keep drivers in the right lane of the highway except to pass. Given the size of this vehicle, we hope the only thing it is passing is the mustard.

The driver could have been new, which might explain the warning, or maybe the driver managed to convince the officer that the law was bologna. Either way, this whole situation didn’t seem to leave anyone saur(kraut) about anything. After all, the Wienermobile is a rolling hot dog in a bun, not exactly meant to be taken seriously. It’s not like it was doing donuts in the snow…

Oscar Mayer
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