What secrets are Jeep’s mysterious Easter Jeep Safari concepts hiding?


Jeep has released two teaser images to give us a hint at what’s coming to this year’s Easter Jeep Safari (EJS). Each year, EJS has served as Jeep’s venue of choice to show off what the company has been cooking up for off-roaders. Concepts schemed up for EJS have led to production vehicles such as the Wrangler Unlimited and the Rubicon 392. While there will definitely be some off-roaders from Jeep that will merely hint at what buyers can build with an off-the-rack Jeep as a starting point, there are likely some features, designs, and themes from these concepts that are being floated for production.

Unfortunately, the two photos that Jeep shared don’t give us a whole lot to work with. The Wrangler you see above is sporting a stubby bumper with a winch, flat fenders, power dome hood, and half doors. This one also appears to be a two-door. The huge mud terrain tires on bead-lock wheels look as though they really fill the wheelwells, so perhaps this is a low center of gravity-style build without a lot of lift, like the popular Lower Forty Wrangler that Jeep showed off more than 10 years ago.

We’re betting this one is decked out with all sorts of Mopar accessories that will soon be launched, but the plaid background has us itching to see what Jeep has in store for the interior.

2021 Easter Jeep Safari sneak peek

The Wrangler with “Magneto” on the side of the hood seems to provide even fewer clues. That hood looks like the same part used on the Rubicon 392. So while Magneto has a connotation of generating electricity, the V-8 hood scoop might be telling a different story. The perspective is leading us to believe that it’s a two-door Wrangler, but we can’t be sure. Is it a hot rod Wrangler with a V-8 and a nod to the Hemi’s drag racing history, or a hybrid with more electric power than the Wrangler 4xe? Could it be both?

There will definitely be plenty more Wrangler, Gladiator, and SUV concepts to show off when the time comes for EJS, which is less than two weeks away. What are you hoping to see from Jeep?

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