We dare Bugatti to resurrect its prewar design language

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While no one can deny the sheer power of modern-day Bugattis, it often seems like the creative juices at Molsheim are running a bit low. Bugatti claims that the Divo represents a revival of coachbuilding, but the days of manufacturers out-sourcing bodies to third-party metalworkers and interior designers are long past. Mechanically, the Divo is astounding; gorgeous it is not.

What if Bugatti truly resurrected the lavish creative spirit of the prewar period? We stumbled across a video that imagined just such a possibility.

Though these moodily-lit designs bear the Bugatti oval, they’re the work of Yanko Design and not affiliated at all with Bugatti. To be clear, we haven’t heard any hint that Molsheim’s designers are flirting this retro design language; we’re simply indulging in a what if? session.

There appear to be two designs lurking in this brief video. The first appears to be a CGI Aérolithe—an actual Bugatti concept car made from riveted magnesium—to whet our appetites.

For comparison, here’s the recreated Aérolithe Jay Leno drove last summer:

And now, for the truly wild design, hereafter identified as Whatever the Heck This Magnificent Beast Is:

Before you say it—yes, we realize that Whatever the Heck This Magnificent Beast Is would be absolutely impossible to put into production. How do the ominously backlit rims sit in the wonderfully flared fenders? No idea. Exactly how many exhaust outlets peek from its rear bumper? More than it needs, surely. But it looks awesome. The proportions and stance are classic prewar Bugatti. That long, narrow hood is just begging for a resurrected straight-eight, and the delicate wire texture of the wheels is a beautiful juxtaposition to the glossy drape of the fenders.

What’s with the strange proboscis sweeping from the grille to the cabin? Who knows—but if we’re going to pay seven or eight figures for a car, we’d like something truly outlandish. Whatever the Heck This Magnificent Beast Is fits the bill.

What say you, Bugatti? Feeling inspired?


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