VW tees up hot Golf duo

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Volkswagen has announced two new go-faster Golfs based on the eighth generation of the popular hatch.

The GTI Clubsport is a track-tuned special for Europe with 300 horsepower thanks to a new Continental turbo replacing the standard GTI’s Garrett unit. Drive goes to the front wheels via a seven-speed DSG transmission, with shorter ratios. VW says the Clubsport will hit 62 mph in less than six seconds and will max out at 155 mph.

The Clubsport is more circuit-focused than the regular car, with an electronic locking front differential fitted, increased front camber, and upgraded rear suspension. Brakes are uprated to 18-inch perforated discs, while 19-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are fitted. The Dynamic Chassis Control system has no less than 15 options, plus there’s a special Nürburgring setting for drivers taking on the terrifying undulations and crazy corners of the Green Hell. It works: the Clubsport is 13 seconds quicker around the ‘Ring than a standard GTI.


There’s a new front splitter and a two-piece rear spoiler to reduce lift at speed—very handy at Flugplatz. Inside, the Clubsport comes with exclusive ArtVelours seat fabrics but is otherwise the same as a regular GTI. The dollar equivalent European price is around $50,000, but it is unlikely the Clubsport will cross the Atlantic.

American Golf fans can console themselves with the imminent arrival of a new Golf R, set to be unveiled in November. The R’s power output is expected to eclipse the Clubsport’s at 316 horsepower, and it’s set to be available in hatch and SportWagen styles, although the latter is most likely not coming Stateside. Don’t forget to come back for the full announcement on November 4.

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