Would you drive a drop-top VW EV?


Volkswagen has teased a convertible based on its ID.3 electric car and wants to know if there are buyers out there.

The German firm posted images of the four-seater soft top on social media to gauge reaction to its design, and the company’s CEO Ralf Branstätter says that it is “a very tempting idea” that “could provide an entirely new, extraordinary feeling of freedom.”

The design shows the ID.3 ditching its two rear doors for a sportier stance while the rear hatch is replaced by a smaller trunk to allow for the convertible roof. Judging from the short rear deck the car would likely have a fabric roof rather than a concertina-style metal top last seen on the Golf-based Eos. The ID.3 isn’t available in America, but the ID.4 crossover is coming soon from $32,495 with federal tax credit.

Until the arrival of the VW the only way to drive a silent-running, emissions-free car that’s open to the elements is to place an order for Tesla’s upcoming Roadster which promises insane performance at a $200,000 price, or to have the artisans at Ares Design build you a Model S-based convertible.

With VW having previously shown EV concepts such as the ID. Buzz van and the ID. Buggy the company is at least trying to offer some fun in an electric future.

Volkswagen ID3 Convertible concept 2
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