Vintage 911s lifted to Paris–Dakar 959 levels are coming

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One step beyond Safari 911s and Ruf’s idea of a desert stormer is another emerging modification trend—lifting classic Porsches to the heights of Paris-Dakar 953s. The 953 was a short-lived rally 911 eventually succeeded by the 959-based racers that would prove off-road champions. With its extensive expertise in suspensions and expanding wheel travel, German spring specialist H&R has the know-how to properly execute a lifted vintage 911 project like the Syberia RS.

Built from a 1986 G-series 911 by Burkhard Industries and H&R’s development team, the Syberia RS features a custom coilover suspension and Hankook’s Mud-Terrain tires. Not much else at this point is known about the specs under that ducktail, but we can already confirm that the Syberia RS can drive on pavement at a rather slow pace:

Expect to see more 4×4 911s coming from Germany soon enough. Right now, two separate Gemballa companies announced production plans for all-terrain Porsche sports cars. Basing its project on the 991-generation 911, the current tuning firm led by Steffen Korbach is developing an off-road 911 called the Gemballa Avalanche 4×4, while Uwe Gemballa’s son Marc Philipp is getting ready to wow the world with an equally 911-based crossover in 2021.

Prefer an older air-cooled classic over a 964 or any subsequent iteration? H&R Syberia RS may just be your perfect 953 substitute.

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