Toyota Racing Development releases lift kit for 2021 Tacoma—for dealer hands only


TRD has announced a new suspension kit available for the V-6-powered Tacoma 4×4, updating its beloved mid-sized pickup with a lift that raises the front by two inches and the rear end an inch, resulting in the frame resting around 1.7 inches higher off the ground. This lift and level is finished with a set of shocks from Bilstein, which Toyota is quick to note bears TRD stickers.

The catch is that this is a dealer-installed kit, meaning that you likely won’t be able to sweet talk one over the parts counter, but the increased ride height and damping are welcome additions to the stalwart. The tallest tire available is either a P265/60R18 or a P265/65R17, both essentially 30.5-inch tires. With the additional bit of clearance, it’s not unheard of to squeeze at least a 33-inch all-terrain with minimal concern, but this is all unofficial advice and Toyota noted that its Safety Sense collision detection is calibrated for the new altitude, so make any additional changes with that in mind.

Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4 suspension

This is for dealers as much as customers, so that either way, Toyota can catch some of the revenue that would otherwise end up in the aftermarket. Whether someone orders a Taco or rolls up on a pre-built one at a dealership, it’s a win-win. Naturally, this slots below a TRD Pro with its whoops-killing FOX internal-bypass shocks, but for most folks, this offers an affordable place to start by comparison. For $1350, plus four-to-five hours of labor rate, the price of admission is still much less than speccing up to the 44 grand TRD Pro.


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