This unfinished Aston Martin DB4GT is a pricey project


A partially-restored, mostly-in-pieces, 1960 Aston Martin DB4GT is expected to fetch over $2 million at auction in London in February.

The car has been in the Picking family since 1966 and had four prior keepers, with the first owner being Gilby Engineering, which ran Roy Salvadori in the 1950s. With matching numbers, original engine and gearbox the car has been off the road for almost 40 years. Although the chassis and body were restored by specialist Bodylines in 2010, including Snow Shadow Grey paintwork, the car was never put back together.

The leather seats were sent to The Leather Conservation Center at Northampton University, but now look like they need to be started again from scratch. The engine was rebuilt by David Picking in 1983 when the whole car was disassembled.

Auctioneer Bonhams confesses, “It is not possible to definitively determine the completeness of the car, although in our opinion we believe it is near complete and aware there is no windscreen,” so the chances are that the buyer of this project will need to stump up for some parts on top of the final sale price.

On the plus side the car comes with a hefty file of paperwork, including a 1966 bill of sale for £825. Aston Martin’s own DB4GT Continuation cars were sold for $1.9 million apiece in 2017, so once completed, this car should certainly be worth a pretty penny. We’ll be watching the Legends of the Road auction closely.

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