The Ram 1500 TRX will have more than 100 factory-backed Mopar accessories

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Aside from being a supercharged, 702-horsepower, jacked and juiced scud missile ready to eviscerate desert terrain, the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX has one other crucial trait going for it. It’s a Mopar vehicle, which means this already wild pickup will have access to a whole catalogue of factory-backed aftermarket parts. Today, Ram announced plans to offer more than 100 factory-engineered accessories for the TRX.


Some of the parts are purely cosmetic, while others offer real improvements to the capability of the pickup. To protect the TRX’s rocker panels from hard impacts while skittering over rocky terrain, there’s a set of black powder-coated rock rails for $1195. If you’re looking at the side-profile of the TRX and thinking that it’s a bed bar away from being a great modern adaptation of the Macho Dodge Power Wagon from the late-’70s, the RamBar has you covered for a cool $1195. Because we’re here for form and function, be sure to snag the 5-inch LED off-road lights while you’re in there as well—each one pumps 4800 lumens of light out yonder as you chase the horizon after dark.


You get the idea. There are plenty of items to outfit the truck however you want. As other automakers work to build out their factory-backed accessory lines (hello, Ford Bronco), it’s great to see the Mopar crew continue to throw the catalogue at models clearly designed to appeal to the creative enthusiast in all of us. Ram plans to deliver the first TRXs to customers before the end of the year—all 702 Launch Edition trucks were spoken for in less than four hours—so we won’t have long to wait before we see these trucks out and about, raft of accessories and all.

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