Take a complete tour of Ferrari with VIP guest Nico Rosberg, and the Monza SP1


In 2019, Ferrari sold more than 10,000 cars for the first time ever, completing what the late Sergio Marchionne started once former Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo, who intended to sell no more than 7000 cars per year, left the picture. With a total of 10,131 sales in the bank, Ferrari’s shareholders are happy, while vloggers are more than welcome to join the party.

Formula 1 and meme champion Nico Rosberg never drove for Scuderia Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a grand time at Maranello, especially after he got out of the game. Rosberg did the full Ferrari experience, starting at the museum and then taking all the selfies with employees at the factory, all while being followed around by a professional video crew easily out-droning most YouTubers.

Ferrari Monza SP1

After having a meal at Ferrari’s local eatery, Rosberg even got to floor the $1.7-million Monza SP1 around Fiorano. This limited-edition combines a 799-horsepower naturally-aspirated V-12 with the full speedster sensation, 1950s style.

Thanks to some sweet onboard footage, you can join Rosberg on his fun tour around Maranello. Keep in mind, though, that if you plan on making a drinking game out of the number of times the racing driver says “epic” in the space of five minutes, you better eat a full meal ahead of time.

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