See the 2022 Subaru BRZ unveiled on November 18

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In a massive victory for fans of affordable sports cars, Subaru’s repeated hints of a new BRZ signal that the much-loved rear-drive coupe will not be a one-and-done generation. Now live on Subaru’s website is a short teaser video and countdown to the 2022 BRZ’s long-awaited reveal on November 18.

The clip gives a hint at the sound of the engine and shows off the same multi-spoke aluminum wheels that we’ve seen on the Toyota GR Yaris. On the site is also a new shot of the headlamp, which will apparently included a curved LED daytime running light signature.

We don’t know much in the way specifics concerning the upcoming BRZ, but what’s clear is that the basics won’t change. A two-door, four-seat sports car with rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission should make up the basic formula, and we also expect a Subaru flat-four engine underhood for the BRZ as well as its Toyota 86 twin sibling. The current stick-shift BRZ/86’s naturally aspirated 2.0-liter flat-four is good for 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque, but all signs point to a larger 2.4-liter engine making 217 hp.

The first BRZ’s spectacular driver ergonomics and dynamic balance were almost universally praised when the car launched in 2012, but the car’s mid-range torque dip was a major weakness in an otherwise excellent sports car. Both Subaru and Toyota fans have been begging for a turbocharged engine in the BRZ/86 from the get-go, and there are some rumors that the 2.4-liter direct-injection turbo-four (from the Ascent, Outback, and Legacy) could bring its 260 hp to the table.

If we had to bet which way this story will turn out, we’d lean on the conservative side and stick with the naturally aspirated engine. Subaru’s philosophy behind the BRZ is to deliver a pure driving experience that is maximally fluid and responsive to inputs; an engine without forced induction is more aligned with that approach, and power has never been the primary focus of this car’s engineering team.

There were a lot of concerns that Subaru and Toyota might not get the band back together for a second tour with this fun-loving sports car, but we’re thrilled the stars aligned. The shape of the BRZ and 86 to come will be revealed in full here on November 18.

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