Release of F9, the upcoming Fast and Furious blockbuster, is delayed to 2021

The official Twitter account of F9, the upcoming installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, announced that the release date of the movie has been pushed back from May 22, 2020, to April 2, 2021.

Part of the tweet reads, “While we know there is disappointment in having to wait a little while longer, this move is made with the safety of everyone as our foremost consideration.”

The announcement made no mention of Coronavirus or COVID-19, but the implication is clear. 

In the last week, news stories have reported a growing number of people that have either been diagnosed with the virus or are under quarantine after contact with someone who has. While the virus might not pose much of a threat to young, healthy individuals, like the flu it can be deadly to the elderly and those with already compromised immune systems. Slowing the spread of the virus can help keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed, so do your part to stay healthy.

Our recommended alternatives to satisfy your car-chase movie cravings while bugging in during a pandemic:

Finally, if you want the ultimate in flaunting the law for a good cause, a fantastic soundtrack, comedy, and the greatest car chase in the history of cinema, there’s only one: The Blues Brothers.

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