Record results for Lamborghini as it heads for 10,000 sales in a year


Lamborghini is riding high on unprecedented financial figures thanks in no small part to America’s love of the Raging Bull.

Out of a total of 5341 cars delivered in the first six months of 2023 the U.S.A. took 1625, while the appetite for Sant’Agata supercars in the U.K. put the country in second spot with 514 sold. Germany followed with 511 deliveries, then came China, Hong Kong and Macau taking 450 cars between them. Japanese fans ordered 280 Lamborghinis while 270 were sold in its home market of Italy. Overall sales worldwide were up by 4.9 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

These record-breaking numbers were achieved with just a two-car line-up of the Urus and Huracán, as the long-serving Aventador was discontinued and its replacement, the Revuelto, is only just coming on stream.

Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary has so far seen an increase in revenues to more than $1.5 bn, representing an uptick of 6.7 percent. “We are really excited about these numbers, delivered with only two models in the range, in a year that we can define as special for Lamborghini,” said boss Stephan Winkelmann.

Winkelman also told Automotive News that selling 10,000 cars for the first time in its history was a “feasible goal.” In 2022 the company delivered more than 9200 vehicles, and the way things are going more records will surely tumble.

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    The sad part is the more they build the less special the name becomes. When I see Maserati’s in the Book A Million parking lot in winter the name kind of lost it exotic image. The same will happen here.

    I get it they need the volume to survive but since they are owned by VW/Audi do they really need the volume?

    I see it as just a cash grab.

    The Lambo Anus, I mean Urus is just ugly. But it’s just a way to print money so I’m not surprised they did it.

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