Porsche once designed a radical electric minivan

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It was to be the most family-friendly Porsche ever made—an all-electric, six-seater minivan with “space shuttle” styling and a central driving position. The concept, from 2018, never made it past the clay model stage, but it gives us some insight into the minds of Porsche designers, when let off their corporate leashes.

The Vision Renndienst or “racing service” van was inspired by the fabulous Rennsport VW T1 transporters that supported Porsche racing in the 1960s, although the 2018 car was designed to provide its service to families.

The Renndienst has been revealed in a new book Porsche Unseen, which showcases a total of 15 design projects that didn’t reach production, including a road-going 919 and a modern take on the 550 Spyder.

The 2017 919 Street was exactly what the name suggests: peel the sponsors stickers off the 919 Hybrid and sell it in the showroom. The bodywork was subtly revised for the road, but the 900-horsepower powertrain and carbon monocoque were straight from the race car. What a shame this one never appeared.

The Vision Spyder of 2019 is a 21st century reimagining of the 1954 machine that made Porsche’s name in the U.S.A. In fact it’s really an homage to one particular car, James Dean’s Little Bastard, wearing the race number 131 (Dean’s was 130) and the license tag “Little Rebel.” Clear design references include diminutive windshield, the radiator grilles above the mid-mounted engine, and the subtle rear fins. The carbon roll bar is highlighted, but at also at one with the overall design, which will, no doubt, have Porsche fans writing petitions to their dealers.

To see more of these amazing concepts you’ll need to buy Porsche Unseen (ISBN 978-3-667-11980-3) which is available from the Porsche Museum store.

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