Off-road teaser video offers best look yet at 2020 Ford Bronco

Ford has released yet another video of the Bronco ahead of the final, uncamouflaged real deal we’re expecting to see in a few months. Until someday in this spring then, we’ll sit here keeping our fingers tightly crossed that the truck lives up to our hopes. This off-road hype video Ford dropped today is keeping our interest piqued.

Don’t be too alarmed by the vanilla-looking vehicle jouncing over rocks in Johnson Valley, California. This test-prototype Bronco remains screened, tinted, and padded. Apart from the logo, not much information has emerged from Dearborn, though we did find a patent for removable doors and did some serious digging into the truck’s off-road tech systems.

We know the Bronco will ride on Ford’s next-gen Ranger platform and that the 2.3-liter Ecoboost four-cylinder from the 2021 Ranger will likely be one of the engine options. We also know there will be a smaller, more compact SUV with similar design language. Until the real name is revealed, it’s widely referred to as the “Baby Bronco.”

Will the Bronco successfully take the fight to Jeep’s Wrangler? We certainly hope so.

If the intense rock music is any indication, the Bronco seems adept at scrambling down hills and navigating all manner of California boulders. Professional off-road racer Brad Lovell tosses the Bronco across sand, creates large clouds of dust, and maybe even gets a little air.

Let us know what you think. Do you think the 2020 Bronco will have the off-road chops the nameplate deserves?

prototype bronco off-road testing
youtube / Ford
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