This North Carolina dealer is selling sweet drop-top Challengers


So far, Chrysler has not made an open roof version of its Challenger muscle car, nor is it likely to introduce one at this (very late) stage in the product cycle. Fear not, you Challenger fans itching to hear a Hemi bellow with the roof down, as a North Carolina dealership is now selling three Challengers that it has had professionally converted to convertibles, including a Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody. Each car comes with its full factory warranty, with the new folding fabric roof covered by a separate one-year warranty.

Keffer Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, of Charlotte, had Convertible Builders LLC, of High Spring, Florida do the conversions. From the photos, the work seems to have been done very well. Unlike many aftermarket convertible mods, the roofs don’t look awkward when up, and when the roofs are retracted, we can see how the Challenger’s lines work very well on an open-roof car. Perhaps that’s because Convertible Builders’ original convertible Challenger was an award-winning 2008 SEMA show car that was commissioned by Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles, who had a hand in its development.

The fabric roofs are padded and insulated and come with electrically heated glass rear windows.

Convertible Builders substantially reinforces the cars, with structural beams for the rocker panels and rear shock towers, steel channels under the rear deck, and gussets on the doorposts. With 485 horsepower on tap in the Scat Pack models, those reinforcements are important, but one wonders if the higher-powered Hellcat versions might need more even bracing to cope with an additional 200+ horsepower. Keffer hasn’t said if it will offer Hellcat versions.

In addition to the gray-colored Widebody, Keffer is selling a red R/T convertible and a white R/T Scat Pack convertible. Even better, prices seem to be reasonable at $63,995, $56,300, and $59,998, respectively. Should Dodge build a factory drop-top Challenger? Tell us in the Hagerty Forums below.

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