New Corvette ZR1 will do 0-60 in 2.85 seconds

We knew the latest Corvette ZR1 would be impressive, but word is starting to get out that it’ll be a true beast. CorvetteBlogger recently unearthed some new performance information on Chevrolet’s top Corvette: At the Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring, Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles revealed that the 755-horsepower ZR1 is capable of 10.6-second quarter-mile runs at 134 mph, with a 0-60 time of 2.85 seconds. Yikes.

That trap speed seems right on the money for a car as potent as the Corvette, but that elapsed time is something else. If these numbers are anything like the quarter-mile specs released for the 2016 Camaro SS, Chevrolet probably erred on the conservative side and we’re willing to bet that a tenth or two will drop off when a good driver meets a well-prepped strip with some dense air. There’s also a chance that Charles’ quoted figures come from a manual-equipped Corvette ZR1, in which case the eight-speed automatic would surely be a tick or two quicker.

The first batch of 2019 ZR1s are already headed to dealerships, so it won’t be long before we find out what the stock cars are capable of in customer hands. Expect to soon see them on the chassis dynos of aftermarket companies Lingenfelter, Livernois, and the like, so the first 2019 ZR1 in the 9s could show up by Memorial Day with little more than tires and a tune. Who’s it gonna be?

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