Morgan will debut a new four-cylinder model at Geneva—with an optional manual

Here’s something we don’t get to say often: Morgan Motor Company is dropping an all-new model. Next week, at the Geneva International Motor Show, whether in person or remotely via our upcoming coverage, you’ll behold the aluminum-chassis, ash-framed, fully unveiled version of this imposing beast:

morgan car under drape to debut at geneva

Though we don’t have a name yet, we know this car will ride on Morgan’s bonded-aluminum CX platform. The structure weighs a sprightly 214 pounds and, Morgan faithful will duly note, still marries an ash frame undergirding the hand-formed aluminum body. We know the Plus Six, the first CX-platform car Morgan revealed last year, uses the BMW turbo six (B58) shared with the Z4 and Toyota Supra and rides on double-wishbone suspension. The car bowing at the 2020 Geneva show, however, will sport a four-cylinder engine—very likely BMW’s 2.0-liter turbo four (B48). We’d guess it’ll use the same double-wishbone setup, but what we are sure about is the option of a manual transmission

Tweed caps off to Morgan. It’s no stroll in the park to adapt to modern safety regulations, let alone powertrain supplier changes (which snuffed out its EV project). Various safety tech, of the lane-keeping and camera-equipped variety, is also a distinct possibility as the brand evolves to survive. Though some may scream heresy, we’re just glad to see new Morgans rolling down the road, proving the adaptability of the company. Plus, the exclusivity and eccentricity of the truly vintage Morgans only makes them more fascinating to nostalgic, hardcore Morgan fans, and that community shows no signs of weakening.

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