Micro Machines making a comeback for 2020

Want to add some more cars to your collection? Of course, you do! But maybe your garage is filled to the brim, so how about a model? A teeny, tiny model. Those who want to relive the late 1980s and are tight on garage space will be glad to learn that Micro Machines are coming back.

Originally launched in the ’80s, the toys were available as minuscule versions of actual cars, trucks, planes, and military vehicles, as well as vehicles and characters from popular TV shows and movies, including sci-fi staples Star Wars and Alien. At only 1.25 inches long for the typical car, they were far smaller than 1/64-scale Hot Wheels, and despite—or perhaps because of—their size, they made a big splash on the toy market, lasting until roughly 2008.

Micro Machines have had a few short-lived relaunches since then, mainly centered around their Star Wars line.  This latest push comes from Hasbro and Wicked Cool Toys, and looks to park a fresh batch of tiny transportation on store shelves for the 2020 holiday season.

In addition to the cars, we’d also love to see a return of the Micro Machines playsets, as well, which included scale gas stations and entire cityscapes that folded up for easy transportation.  Of course, we can’t imagine relaunching Micro Machines without John “Motormouth” Moschitta Jr., the fast-talking pitchman who was featured in several Micro Machines TV commercials.

You may already have filled out your holiday wish list for this year, but make sure to save a tiny spot on next year’s list for some Micro Machines.

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