Meet Volvo’s tiny, $35K electric SUV, the EX30


The big news for Volvo’s newest all-electric SUV, revealed today in Milan, Italy, is its small price: $34,950 MSRP for the single-motor, rear-wheel-drive variant. Destination is extra, expected to be $1195. Dubbed EX30, the crossover has 268 horsepower, an expected range of 275 miles, and, so Volvo claims, a 0-to-60-mph time of 5.1 seconds.

The price hasn’t been set yet for the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive version, which has 422 horsepower, a range of 265 miles, and a blistering 0-to-60-mph time of 3.4 seconds, about the same time as a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It’s the fastest-accelerating Volvo ever.

“The fully electric EX30 might be our smallest-ever SUV, but it’s a big deal for our customers and a big deal for us as a company,” said Jim Rowan, the chief executive. “We like to say the EX30 is small yet mighty, because it delivers on everything you’d want from a Volvo but in a smaller package. Like any Volvo, it’s an outstanding product which is safe and designed around people and their needs.” Volvo aims to offer only all-electric vehicles by 2030.

“We know that price and cost of ownership is still one of the biggest challenges when people consider switching to an electric car,” said Rowan. 

The EX30 is available now for online order, like its C40 sibling, by deposit at Delivery is expected in the summer of 2024. It comes in “five vibrant exterior colors, from stylish Cloud Blue to bright and expressive Moss Yellow—the latter inspired by lichen growing on rocks along the Swedish west coast.” We’ll take the lichens.

“Another thing the EX30 does fast is charging,” the company says. The battery in the extended-range Twin Motor variant has a charging capacity of up to 153 kW. That means you can charge your battery from 10 to 80 percent in a little over 26.5 minutes, assuming you’re hooked up to a DC charger with that sort of zap. Through the car’s center display and app, you can set the amperage, maximum charging level, and charging start time. 

The five-passenger EX30 comes with a long list of safety features, including as standard a special safety feature for bikes that helps to prevent so-called “dooring” accidents: It alerts you when you are about to open your door in front of a cyclist, scooter, or runner. The urban runabout also includes a new generation of Volvo’s Park Pilot Assist feature. “It can handle all types of parking spaces, including parallel, curved, perpendicular, and diagonal fishbone-style, making parking in tight spaces a breeze.”

As for connectivity, “as with any Volvo car, for the EX30 we’ve worked closely with tech partners such as Google, Apple, and Qualcomm to deliver the best possible user experience.” The car’s dedicated app contains “all relevant services related to the car, from charging to finding your car on a busy parking lot, locking it, and heating it on a cold winter day.”

Volvo EX30 interior dash electric new suv

Finally, to go with the lichen color scheme, the “Volvo EX30 also comes with a choice of five different ambient lighting themes. Each is inspired by a different Scandinavian landscape and subtly shifting in color, adding a sense of calm to the interior. Whether you prefer the warm sunlight falling through the leaves of a Scandinavian forest, a sunset on the Swedish west coast, the world famous northern lights, the golden summer skies of Swedish midsummer or the bright mood of an urban sunset, your EX30 will be filled with the colors of your choice. For extra immersion, you can pair each lighting theme with an ambient soundscape.” If you prefer a sunset over the Grand Canyon, guess you’re out of luck.

Next year the EX30 will become available in a Cross Country variant. It’ll come with a range of features such as more ground clearance, skidplates, and 19-inch black wheels. For now, however, the EX30 keeps things urban-chic. 




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