Mazda adds RX-7 to heritage parts program


Mazda has expanded its factory restoration parts lineup to include second and third generations of the rotary-powered RX-7.

The Japanese company launched its parts re-manufacturing program for the first-gen MX-5 Miata roadster in 2017 and has since expanded it to include over 1000 components.

Owners of FC3S and FD3S RX-7s will be delighted to learn that, so far, 91 parts are being offered. They’re mostly perishable rubber items such as hoses, seals and bushings, along with various bolts and washers, but more advanced components such as a throttle position sensor for 13B engine of the FD3S are also available.

Initially the new parts will only be available in Japan but, given that the MX-5 program expanded to the U.S.A., it is likely that American rotor-heads will soon be able to get factory parts to keep their rotors spinning.

Mazda’s announcement follows Nissan’s decision to offer a factory restoration scheme for the Skyline GT-R. Now JDM enthusiasts have even more to celebrate.

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