Live-action Hot Wheels feature film to bring childhood fantasy to big screen


An untold number of car-obsessed children have Hot Wheels to thank for hours and hours of entertainment. It’s one of those toys that will always be cool, surviving and thriving amidst generational and technological changes over the years. And now, Hot Wheels is launching from the orange-colored loop-de-loop straight into movie theaters. Mattel announced today that it is partnering with Warner Brothers Pictures to create the first live-action Hot Wheels film.

We’re not exactly sure how a live-action Hot Wheels movie would look, but given the general historical success of Hot Wheels in branding itself outside the toy market—stamps, real-life Camaros, special events—this movie could truly be a kid’s imagination come to life.

There isn’t any additional information at this point—not even a ballpark release date. But we do know that Warner Brothers and Mattel are willing to invest in significant star power in their partnership, given actress Margot Robbie is already signed on to star in a Barbie live-action movie.

If I try to imagine myself as a kid, I know I’d want to see my favorite action star driving a convertible on a massive loop-de-loop, only to unbuckle himself and fly airborne into the seat of another waiting convertible, before the entire thing explodes into fiery oblivion.

Can’t wait. If you can’t either, Hagerty’s own Stefan Lombard had fun bringing a Hot Wheels Mustang to life a couple of years ago. Check it out.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels concept
2013 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition GM


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