LEGO-Dodge partnership makes Demon ownership affordable

LEGO has been giving enthusiasts of all ages an opportunity to build cool cars for many years, but their latest partnership is extra exciting for the MOPAR-or-no-car camp. Thanks to a partnership with Dodge, a limited number of tiny brick/big horsepower enthusiasts will have the chance to own a 2018 Challenger SRT Demon and 1970 Charger R/T.

This limited-edition kit is currently listed for sale for $29.95 on Dodge’s webpage. The kit includes more than just the bricks for two cars. There’s a driver for each, a race marshal, extra rims, and a lever-operated Christmas tree for the inevitable tabletop races that will occur.

LEGO is no stranger to branded models as its Speed Champions lineup features models from the  Aston Martin DB5 to both vintage and modern Ford GTs. There are larger kits, but these Speed Champions are sized perfectly to tell the office you would rather be at the dragstrip. Be sure to grab yours fast, as they certainly won’t last long.

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