Leaked Nissan 400Z photos fulfill the Z Proto concept’s promises

Production version of Nissan 400Z front

Thanks in large part to Instagram, the internet’s Wild West photo outlet, leaked images of the production-spec Nissan 400Z have surfaced rather abruptly. To our delight, the car’s final design is strikingly similar to that of the Z Proto, which debuted last fall. The post, living on Nissan Arabia’s account as of this writing, primarily shows off three views of the newest Z-car: the front, rear, and interior.

Most obvious are a pair of familiar color schemes: a metallic dark grey and a much lighter silver option. In contrast to the grab-your-attention yellow originally worn by the Z Proto, these conservative shades appear to more handsomely complement the shape of this Z while still carrying on classic colorways from the car’s lineage.

Z Proto concept (left) vs. production-spec 400Z (right) Nissan

From the front, you’ll notice that Nissan elected to liven up the upper section of the grille by finishing the oblong mesh pattern in chrome. The finish adds a spritz of refinement to a rectangular void that would otherwise look featureless from 10 or more feet away. The nostalgic contours of the hood’s center bulge, reminiscent of the iconic 270Z’s, remain unchanged—for the better.

While the Nissan logos (front and rear) remain covered, they resemble the old-guard hamburger badge. Whether or not the 400Z will eventually wear the brand’s redesigned, less-is-more logo, we remain unconvinced that the new badge’s aesthetic will ever fit a Z-car like it will a chic EV. Don’t get too futuristic on us, Nissan.


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On both cars, the sexy Fairlady Z script shown on the Z Proto’s rear hatch remains notably absent (for now), but we all know what badge lies underneath that tape on the C-pillar.

We’re especially pleased by the silver model’s athletic attitude, which is enhanced by the blacked-out mirrors, A-pillar, and roof, all cues retained from the Z Proto. The color-matched, uniform look of the grey metallic model, by comparison, may end up creating a more pedestrian appeal and make for a taller-looking vehicle in profile.


From the interior shot available of the 400Z, it appears that the Z Proto was a nearly fully-baked ham. The only glaring difference between the two is that this production-spec car is configured with an automatic transmission, shifted via a wedge-looking controller reminiscent of something you’d find in a 2021 Nissan Rogue. Thankfully, we can expect the promised manual shifter to do away with that.

Beans have been spilled. Now, we wait on Nissan for the whole enchilada.

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